Each year our exhibitors bring rare, beautiful and unusual items for sale. Here are just a few of the exhibitors' highlights you can expect to see at the Fair in 2022!

Philip Gidley King. Original Drawing of River and Trees.
An accomplished landscape signed by Philip Gidley King (1758-1808), Governor of the penal colonies at Norfolk Island and New South Wales during the early years of settlement. The unidentified scene is executed in graphite on laid paper bearing the watermark of Government issue paper of the period 1790-1810. The drawing is skilled, especially in the treatment of topography and vegetation, with an attention to detail befitting a naval officer of the era. Original art by any of the first colonial Governors is enormously rare.
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[Self-improvement Sugoroku]. 出世双六. [Shusse sugoroku].
Colourful folding sugoroku, 56 x 76 cm, tiny nick lower margin, a very good copy. A sugoroku game created for New Year 1935 and published by the children's magazine Yonen Kurabu. This is an example of the 'self-improvement' genre of sugoroku, where the images in the game provide moral instruction about the importance of improving one's lot in life and contributing to the nation. Each square in the game depicts a person who (we are told) started from humble beginnings but, though dedication and hard work, achieved personal success and contributed to the wellbeing of society.
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