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Since 1985 Hordern House has been a centre for antiquarian material in all forms, especially dealing with voyages and travels, discovery and exploration, as well as Australiana, and classic fields of rare book collecting.

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James Magra (attrib). A Journal of a Voyage round the World in His Majesty’s Ship Endeavour...1771
First edition of the earliest published account of Cook’s first voyage to the Pacific: the rare first issue, with the leaf of dedication to ‘The Right Honourable Lords of the Admiralty, and to Mr. Banks and Dr. Solander’ inserted by the publishers to add authenticity. This was the first of a series of so-called “surreptitious accounts” of Cook’s various voyages to appear in print: the Admiralty found it practically impossible to enforce their ruling that no unofficial publications should pre-empt the official and lengthier accounts of the voyages, naturally much slower in the press.
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James Cook. The Method taken for preserving the Health of the Crew of His Majesty’s Ship the Resolution…1776
This collective publication of Transactions of the Royal Society for 1776, running to altogether 53 articles on a rich variety of subjects, includes two original works by James Cook, who appeared in print surprisingly little during his illustrious career. The first piece (pp. 402-6) is Cook’s famous account of the measures taken on the Resolution during the second voyage to combat scurvy, in which he discusses the merits of malt, “Sour Krout”, “portable soup” and citrus fruit. Cook’s piece is addressed to the Royal Society’s president, Sir John Pringle, who read it on Cook’s behalf.
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John Henry Moor. Notices of the Indian Archipelago, and adjacent countries…1837
First edition: a great Singapore rarity, one of the first books to be published there, and including the earliest detailed map of Singapore Town and its surroundings, "The Town and environs of Singapore”, based on a survey by G.D. Coleman. Published just after the island had become the capital of the Straits Settlements, it marks the beginning of the colony’s enormous growth as a regional trading hub and the centre of the rubber industry.
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