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The Book Merchant Jenkins is a general antiquarian bookstore in Woolloongabba, Brisbane, buying and selling rare and interesting books in all genres; specialising in niche non-fiction with a focus on Sexuality, LGBTIQ+, Ethnopharmacology, Dance, Performance, and Art.

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Suck Manifesto Poster + Original Typescript
Poster print manifesto by Heathcote Williams (1941-2017) for the sexpaper Suck co-founded by Heathcote Williams, William Levy, Jim Hayes, and Germaine Greer. The poster is printed in red and white with manuscript alterations, signed and dated by Williams, 1970. Together with Williams' original typescript of the manifesto, dated London 1969, with typescript and manuscript alterations. Suck is touted as the first European sex newspaper and was launched in London in 1969 before moving to Amsterdam to avoid England's anti-obscenity laws
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Annie Sprinkles ABC Study of Sexual Lust and Deviations
Artist book produced by Annie Sprinkle and Veronica Vera. Numbered edition of 1,000 copies, of which this is number 704. An A-Z series of photographs with short text of sexual behaviour. Annie Sprinkle (1954-) is an American sex worker cum sexologist, artist, and ecosexualist. In 1996 she became the first known porn star to get a doctoral degree and has been a champion of sex education and sex-positive feminism.
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Westminster School: Past and Present
A history of the Westminster School in London, though also a recording of its past customs and a lengthy biographical recording of headmasters and numerous distinguished students, and personal reminiscences. Frederic H. Forshall was a Queen's Scholar at Westminster and won a scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge, but left after a year, moving to Sydney. He was part of the first cohort at The University of Sydney in 1852, and while still a student was appointed the University Librarian.
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Laurence Fleming: A Diet of Crumbs
The first published work of Laurence Fleming. Born in Assam in 1929 Fleming was part of the last generation of children raised in British India. Diet of Crumbs was his first published work after returning to England and study stage design. It is described as "a study of the unloved", and tells the story of a house party in the countryside hosted by one Miss Persica Sutton, the daughter of Lois Sutton, the author of a book "about an affair between a sexually irregular woman and a sexually irregular man." Jacket illustration by British cartoonist Michael ffolkes. Inscribed.
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